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COMAGRAV DIGI and COMAGRAV DIGI RC (model with conveyor). Professional equipments for mechanical cutting and routing.

COMAGRAV DIGI is new industrial flatbed large format digital cutter.



COMAGRAV DIGI 1715 (1700x1500 mm working size)

DIGI is new powerful cutting plotter from COMAGRAV. After several succesful years in CNC engraving and routing market we developed machine, that reaches level of the bests.

DIGI is well equipped for cutting of corrugated cardboards, packages and samples, for cutting of modern sandwich materials like Falconboard, Kapa, etc. DIGI reaches extreme speeds, same for high dynamics of complete system. Thanks to low bridge profile and best servomotors available on the market, high dynamics is available to users of COMAGRAV DIGI.

The cutting head includes oscillating knife, that cuts several materials. Second module is equipped with tangential tool ready for many functions - from cutting of vinyl (Kiss-cut), over bend grooves (V-cut) to creasing wheel -this module does it all! As a bonus, there can be installed routing spindle and route materials that cannot be cut with knife.

Standard equipment of COMAGRAV DIGI is camera system. This tool is so valuable in cutting of printed materials. The system finds itself printmarks and modifies cutting path to existing print. This brings relaxed times for the operator, as he does not have to fix material exactly, because he has camera and precise calculation of deformation.

COMAGRAV DIGI comes with solid steel baseframe precisely milled for linear guideways and rack&pinion positioning system. 3D control system PILOT Advanced enables high dynamics and excelent cutting quality.

COMAGRAV DIGI is suitable for cutting in signmaking, in advertising, in interior designs, POP and POS, in packaging, leather working, and many more industrial applications.

The combi-head is another option. The knife head comes with second usable tool - creasing wheel. This tool is used for prototyping of packages made of corrugated cardboards. Both tools are controlled separately, so the operator does not need to replace anything during prototyping. You can replace the wheel with Kiss-cut tool for vinyl cuts or V-cut tool for 45° angled cuts.



COMAGRAV DIGI 3450 with conveyor cutting fabrics with motorised cutting disc