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COMAGRAV NOTUS PLUS is our flagship router. 3D CNC multifunctional routers equipped with useful options for professional work. Its design comes from our reliable ZONDA systems, but brings AC servo technology for higher cutting speeds. Thanks to high variability of equipment, each customer can choose from wide range of working tables and spindles with power up to 9 KW. There are scanning devices and cutting units for materials that cannot be cut with spindle. Machines from COMAGRAV NOTUS family works in many industries from prototyping and modelmaking labs, sign fabrications, up to challenging workshops with mass production.

Working sizes from 1600x2100mm to 4200x2100mm.

COMAGRAV NOTUS are 3D CNC routing machines with working tables from 2100 x 1600 mm to 2100 x 4200 mm. It is characterized by rigid doubled steel baseframe, precision and reasonable price. The machine is equipped with many up-to-date solutions. The offer contains various powerful spindles for professional work and spindles with pneumatic clamping for automatic toolchange.


It comes with heavy steel baseframe, which is stress-relieved and precisely milled for use of linear guideways and our rack&pinion positioning system.
NOTUS PLUS comes equipped with 3D control system PILOT Advanced, which enables highest possible dynamics and incredible cutting quality.
We highly recommend this version for all industrial applications.


COMAGRAV NOTUS is suitable for routing, engraving, milling and 3D modelling
in signmaking to cut large formats of plastic sheets, aluminium, acrylic, wood;
in metalworking to create front panels, machine panels, mechanical components, to cut aluminium sheets, etc.
in plastic fabrication to mill 3D shapes, molds, to cut plastic sheets,
in modelmaking to mill prototypes, to cut plastics, wood, to create 3D shapes and reliefs.

COMAGRAV using its oscillating knives allows to cut leather, corrugated cardboard, paper carton and similar soft materials.

Pneumatic oscillating knife works with carbide knives that are available in more variations depending on material to be cut. Oscillation of this unit is 8 mm, so it is suitable for harder materials, too. We always recommend you before buy to check if the material is easy to cut.

Oscillating knife head can be upgraded with pressure foot, so the material is pushed down. This helps to fix the material better, when only vacuum is not enough or when material tends to stick at knife.

The combi-head is another option. The knife head comes with second usable tool - creasing wheel. This tool is used for prototyping of packages made of corrugated cardboards. Both tools are controlled separately, so the operator does not need to replace anything during prototyping. You can replace the wheel with Kiss-cut tool for vinyl cuts or V-cut tool for 45° angled cuts.

Standard COMAGRAV NOTUS equipment contains AC servo motors in all axis, aluminium T-slot working table, automatic Z axis sensor, engraving and routing software Delcam ArtCAM Express and open-system 3D controller PILOT. Spindles are optional, same as scanning heads, tangential oscillating knife head, camera system, combi-heads and sophisticated softwares.

Automatic toolchanger
For COMAGRAV NOTUS we have developed carousel toolchanger. It stores up to 8 ISO toolholders and is situated on right side of the moving bridge. Head with pneumatic spindle moves only in one axis during every toolchange. This solution saves operating time. The carousel is powered by AC servo motor for best reliability. Automatic toolchanger is available for spindles with pneumatic tool clamping. There are 24.000 RPM and 40.000 RPM versions available. As option we supply COMAGRAV NOTUS with linear toolchanger mounted in the back of working table.

-    3-axis machine for routing, engraving, cutting and scanning
-    rigid construction made of welded steel baseframe and aluminium HP profiles (COMAGRAV NOTUS)

-    heavy construction made of welded steel baseframe (COMAGRAV NOTUS PLUS)
-    linear ball-bearings, rack and pinion drive system with high precision planetary gearboxes
-    powerful AC servo motors
-    aluminium T-slot working table with clamps
-    phenolic working table for high pressure vacuum holddown
-    high-precision planetary gearboxes in XY axis
-    double driven Y axis with automatic parallelness homing function of the bridge
-    ballscrew in Z axis


COMAGRAV NOTUS 3000 with high pressure vacuum worktable (pneumatic spindle 4,6 kW, spray cooling system, carousel toolchanger, dust collector for ATC spindles, 6 vacuum zones)