Imprimantes - Traceurs

The Trimfast range offers a wide variety of trimmers, guillotines and ream cutters to satisfy all your paper cutting requirements. Easy to use and made to an extremely high standard, the Trimfast range is built to last with a model to suit every application from occasional use to every day heavy duty work.

Cut paper, film or foil with a smooth slicing action with the Trimfast range of trimmers. All trimmers are made to an extremely high standard and offer a simple and safe method of operation. Each trimmer features a rotary blade and automatic clamping, as well as a blade guard. Our A1, A0, 1.5m & 2m models also include a fitted stand for easier use.

Our range of guillotines are ideal for a variety of tasks and materials.
The shearing action of the knife style blade produces a precise, neat cut every time. Each Trimfast guillotine also features a press clamp and all of our guillotines are designed for totally safe operation. The GU3024 and GU3025 models include an ABS shield for even greater protection.

Ream Cutters
When you have large quantities of paper to cut, Trimfast offers a range of reliable, high performance ream cutters that will give you the results you need quickly and efficiently. All our systems feature re-sharpenable blades and either a flick action or spindle guided clamp. A stand is available with all models except the RE3943 and all models feature manual operation except the RE3952E which is an electric system.