DGI VE 3204D

Imprimantes - Traceurs

High speed print must always come with fast dry performance. Multiple stage heating system dry out all media completely before hitting front roll bar so that take up system can wind up immediately.

VE-3204D equipped with 14 pico liter print head is designed to bring the Customer more opportunities to expand into new business applications.It aims for not only outdoor graphics, but also indoor graphics to meet rising Demands for high resolution.

New Core Technology

- All New Konica print head with 1024 nozzles

¦ Ultra Speed Printing

- Speedy printing will lead to high productivity and better competitiveness in business

¦ Outstanding Dry Performance

- Flawless dry performance to support high speed printing

¦ Feed and Take up system

- Unique and accurate feed and take up system essential for high resolution printing

¦ Versatile Printer to cover various applications

- Print all with one machine from indoor graphics to outdoor bill board

¦ Eco Revolution ES-100 ink

- Exclusively optimized for VE-3204D without odor

¦ Low running costs

- Cost effective bulk type ink tank and low cost ink for massive quantity of printing job

¦ Easy maintenance

- Auto Capping/Cleaning/Wiping system/adjustable head height for operator's convenience